Welcome to the new site!

Getting there!

Albums are up for everything except the hermits, cats, and scorpions. Those have the largest amount of photos to sort through. I’d also like to eventually get a ‘former’ section up with past fosters, cats that we’ve lost through the years, and photos of some of the other pets we were lucky enough to have, but that will come last.

Time to take a break!

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Welcome to the new site!

Still in construction phase with this new website. I’ve got 8 years and 33,000 photos to sort through. Most of it is complete junk, but for almost a decade I had tossed photos into folders by date. When I wanted to find something, I couldn’t!

Newest pets are being added first since there are less photos to make decisions on, and to edit so they look their best. Eventually I will have the entire critter crew up, including a ton of hermit crab photos. I’m also hoping to get up care guides, articles, and other bits of info that might help people out.

In the meantime, life around our little zoo continues. I’ll be posting regular photo updates of the newest rescues as they recover!

Update: 12/30/2015 – a few people have asked about donating to the MBD Leopard Gecko. If you wanted to contribute to his recovery, the link is to the left – and thank you! 🙂

Update: 12/31/2015 – we’ve lost two of the three MBD geckos. The last one seems to be going strong!
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