Stanley is a little snot. Florida Kingsnakes are known for being feisty, and for being nothing but stomach. He is certainly both! He’s very inquisitive and likes to explore and has to know what you’re doing at all times. While he’s become over-excited during meals, he’s never hurt us. As far as first snakes go, he’s been amazing!

We purchased him, our very first reptile, from Pure Pet in Salem, OH in March of 2014. It was a decision that took three months and a feeding demonstration before we were certain that having a snake – and it being him – was the right choice for us. He was the most active snake in the store, and would always come over to see what we were doing when we stopped in weekly for crickets. He belonged to the owners private collection, but she was downsizing and she was kind enough to take the risk on us since we were first time snake owners. We don’t know his history or how old he is as he had been traded many times in his life. We think he may have come from a breeder in Columbus. OH and was possibly around three years old when we brought him home. He appears to be a Brooks morph.

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