Bennet the leopard gecko is the daughter of Belle and Butler. I could not bring myself to discard the good eggs Belle laid, and a friend was kind enough to lend me an incubator for two months to attempt to hatch them. Unfortunately, the other egg did not make it. Her lay date is Sept 27th, 2015 and her hatch date is December 3rd, 2015. I was never expecting either egg to hatch, not with the shape her mother was in. I was so happy to see that little face staring at me from inside the container! She’s still growing like a weed, and I’m enjoying the chance to experience the process and watch her grow into her adult markings. It’s looking like she’ll end up with her dad’s markings and her mom’s colors, but it will be a while yet until we find out! She is incredibly friendly and follows every move I make, hoping that it will lead to getting another meal.

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