This is Belle, the leopard gecko. She’s a very private girl who likes to be left alone to do her own thing. Her stubby feet come from not being given a proper moist hide for molting, causing old skin to become stuck which cut off circulation and ended up in the loss of the ends of her toes. Because of this, she is a very poor climber, and the items in her tank are kept on the low side so she can access all areas without too much trouble.

She was rescued from an ad on Facebook along with Butler in August of 2013. They were extremely thin and had the start of metabolic bone disorder, and came from a dirty tank that was filled with reptibark. She had begun to breed at well under a year old since the two of them had been housed in the same tank, so between that and being bullied by Butler, her growth is somewhat stunted. She took longer to recover because of egg production, but from a starting weight of 30 grams she is now up to 72 grams! She’s actually a little on the heavy side, as I went a little overboard with the treats before realizing how much she had bulked up, and we’re working on safely getting her back down to a manageable weight.

The first set of eggs she laid here after being placed in a separate tank from Butler had no calcium in them and were almost goo. Out of the next (and last) pair she laid, only one egg was good and from that Bennet was born.

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